Personal Testimony

Thank you so much for all your prayer and support. By God's grace, I almost finish my first semester. Continue to pray for me that God will give me more wisdom in order to learn the english language. i ask pastor uly to help translate my e mail to you.

My personal testimony; I grow up in a family that do not have God's love and unity. When we were young, my father went to Cebu to work and my mother in another island while we children remained in Cotabato City in . My parents did not treat as equally and i was the black sheep. Because my father was away for a long time, we did not recognized him when he came back. We thought that he was our uncle. I did not show respect to him.

When i was already 15 years old, I started to join my friend in drinking and smoking. I also learned martial arts like Akido, boxing and mixed martial arts. I also have an amulet against bullet.

When I was already 24 years old, I realize that my life have no direction and it was like i was always facing death. That was the time that I decided to go to Bohol. When I was inside the boat, I want to jump to the sea but it seems that someone was trying to stopped me. When I arrived in Tagbilaran bohol, I do  not have money. I found a job working with an american in a medical ministry. We have devotion every morning.  Every Sunday,  I will visit my uncle who is a Pastor (Jelon) to attend the service.

One time the message was about giving up everything including your amulet when you decide to follow jesus. it seems that the preacher at that time was hitting me personally about the message. I was affected but i did not show it to them.

There was a visitor in our work place, a pastor, and once again he shared about the danger of amulet and to surrender it to the Lord.  That was the time that I gave up my life to the lord, including my amulet.

As I continue to follow the lord, Psalm 23 is clear that the lord is my shepherd, i will not lack anything. I got married when I was 30 years old to a woman who belongs to the Sea gyp-sea or Badjao tribe. Last 2013 I attended an Inductive bible study seminar in Tagbilaran. I learned a lot. Pastor Reggie, the missionary help me of my desire to study in a bible school. The Lord supported me and my family. 

Now I  almost finish the first semester. Thank you so much for all your help and prayers.

When I know that you are asking me for my budget, i praise the Lord because of His faithfulness.

Sometimes, I can feel itchiness in my body. The doctor told me that it is scabies.  So I have to buy the medicine. praise God for the healing.

Our semester break is from October 11 to 25, I am praying to bring my family to bohol for two weeks. It is hard for me to leave them in the house that we are renting now.  If my child do  not have a class, then my family will join me to Bohol in order to see you.

God bless you,