July Update

Dear friends and family,

l hope you are doing well and that the summer is off to a good start. Recently I have moved back home after my internship year in the Middle East. The Lord blessed me with many rich experiences and ministry opportunities over the last year. I have grown in my faith and trust in the Lord and have done things I never dreamed about doing. My heart has been captivated by Christ and by His Great Commission. This has been a great adventure and I am so thankful for you because through your prayers and financial support God has used me to impact lives for eternity.

When l arrived in Reclaim last September, I was surprised to find about fifteen Middle Eastem university students already part of the campus movement. Sheila, one of the fifteen, had chosen to deny herself, take up her cross, and follow Jesus which for her meant being harassed by co-workers, mocked by her friends, and even disowned by her family. Yet, throughout everything I saw her go through, her faith was unswerving. In June, God used Sheila to bring her co-worker, Delilah, into a relationship with Himself` and in July, God called Sheila to Holland where she shared the Gospel with students at a sports camp. God is not just saving Middle Eastern students from fear, persecution, and hopelessness; God is raising up an army of Middle students through whom His Spirit will redeem the world!

And now, God has asked me to commit my life to this work. More specifically, through my time in Reclaim, through the counsel of friends and mentors, and most importantly though prayer, the Lord led me to apply for the full-time staff of Cru. Just this past month I received my acceptance! Though my placement has not yet been decided, my hope is to return to Reclaim for at least three to years and join the Spirit’s work in the lives of Middle Eastern college students.

As I make this transition, I want to ask you to make it with me. Will you “go with me” as l join the staff of Cru by continuing to pray for the Lord’s blessing and direction? Nothing means more to me than knowing people are interceding for my ministry and me!

I am excited to get to New Staff Training September 4th - September 14th which will be instrumental in preparing me for long-term staff. After New Staff Training, I would love to meet with you and share in person all the Lord has done over the past year and all that I am trusting Him to do in the future. Thanks again for making all this possible. I appreciate you!

Untíl the whole world hears.

Desery Montenegro