November Update

This post is republished Desery's November Newsletter.

"I'm terribly afraid of being killed when I return home, if I become Christian," were the words spoken by Adam, a 28 year-old Middle Eastern PhD student. After reading the entire Quran, Adam came to his conclusion that Islam is a religion of war, death, and hatred, so he became an atheist. After reading portions of the Bible, he realized "Christianity is a religion of peace," and expressed his interest in learning more about Jesus to the short -term summer mission team who was in Reclaim.

Immediately following their initial conversation with Adam, the team was moved to fast and pray for him. They prayed 1) His fear would be broken 2) God would appear to him in a dream or a vision and 3) He would trust in Christ as his Savior. One week later, Adam English Club, and also joined them at our Cru weekly meeting. The message of trusting the Lord and not being afraid of man (Psalm 56:3-4) captured Adam's attention, in addition to the speaker's love for who God is and not the things He gives. At the end of the meeting, Adam asked, "How do I become a Christian?" and after reading through Romans 10:9-10 and thinking quietly to himself, he said, "Okay, I believe."

According to the summer team, his demeanor changed, he was glowing- glowing with the Holy Spirit. Adam's friend, an atheist, also noticed the change, and asked, "Are you still an atheist?" and he replied, "No, my friend, I am not. I am a Christian. I believe in Jesus." WOO HOO! Praise God for giving Adam courage to believe in Christ, for working through short term teams, and for answering our prayers!

Thank you for your partnership in bringing lost students from fear to faith!

Until the whole world hears,