December Update

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"You were a mistake and you are not wanted" were messages Zenae grew up hearing from her parents. Home life for her was not a safe, loving environment, but rather a place of deep hurt and pain. All this difficulty, however, led Zena. on a search for love, and one year ago she found Jesus! Three weeks ago she was baptized, and came up from the water beaming with joy. Later that day her parents found out that she became a believer and threatened her life, so she is now staying with friends from church. This is very typical in lives of new believers here - soon after they give their lives to Jesus, and especially after they are baptized, harsh seasons of persecution follow.

On Christmas Eve, we ate dinner together, Will You Please intercede with me for shared our testimonies, and sang Christmas Zeta*? Please pray that Jesus would be praise. Many students are the only believers her Wonderful Counselor and Prince of in their family so it was an special time to Peace during this time. Pray her faith in celebrate our Savior's birth together. Christ would be strengthened through
this struggle and that she would be secure in her identity as a daughter of the King.