New Believers yesterday and a discipleship training today in Fizi! They want to continue to meet and go over the rest of the material we provided. The beginning of another church plant in the DRC! ?

SATURDAY & SUNDAY IN MUKELA. Women's Conference with about 45, started construction on a new church, Sunday service and childrens min to about 150 kids then off to outreach in Fizi where about another 50 got saved! A few illnesses as we keep running. Keep praying!

God's timing, God's schedule! We're on the road to Fizi where we turn for Mukela and just before Fizi the road is blocked by a truck and excavator almost off the edge. Traffic is blocked both ways. We pray. We wait. 3 men coming from the other way whose path is also blocked recognize pastor Asukulu. They are from the Pigmy Bambouti tribe that we were supposed to reach 3 years ago when are visas were blocked. They are nomadic and after that there was a dispute and they left the area. Now they are here. I share the gospel while the team prays, ALL 3 GAVE THEIR LIVES TO CHRIST so we give them Bibles and gospel tracts! Now they will return to the village and share with others! The road finally opened but too late for Mukela. We return and will try again very early tomorrow.

Returned to Katanga for an all church discipleship with 80 -90 persons all in the new church. Had 4 commitments to Christ! Returned to Baraka and worked on classrooms.

Had a blessed Sunday service as many came forward to confirm their eternal life in Christ. Spent the afternoon time ministering to and providing basic needs of some deaf and hanging out with church family.

Day started with news of a neighbor child dying of malaria, but we had a good day in the village of Kalundja. Ladies had a Women's Conference with 47 under a Mango tree and we got a great start on a church building. 32 Bibles distributed.

We visited the deaf school, the youth/childrens ministry at the church where 7 made commitments were made to follow Christ, and performed construction on the school classrooms. Today is translator Ibrahim Olele’s birthday and Sarah's anniversary. However, there is no cake allowed in Baraka!

Started on the classrooms at the church school today and did home visits with some of the deaf we are meeting here. Children's ministry tomorrow. Lots of kids!