Personal Testimony

I was born in a small village in the Mixteco Alto region of the state of Oaxaca I lived there throughout my childhood, until the age of 15. What I most enjoyed during that time of my life was walking in the com ñelds and taking care of a herd of sheep out in the hills. However, I also saw much family abuse, alcoholism, and poverty.

After finishing junior high school I dreamt of continuing my education at the high school level. Unfortunately, I did not have the financial resources to be able to do this because my parents were older and I was the last of twelve children. At the age of sixteen, one of my older brothers took me to live with him in a small town where he owned a piece of property. The blessing in this was that I was able to attend high school there.

After finishing high school I participated with the National Council for Furthering Education (CONAFE) to serve as a teacher to disadvantaged communities. The beneñt of this program was that two years of service they would give the participants a scholarship to the university. This was a marvelous experience for me because in interacting with the children, I also had to interact with a variety of families. It was there in one of the remote communities where I came to know the Lord. This was a time for me because as a young man I had many plans and I thought that all my decisions were self and correct. I thought I was living my life correctly, but before the eyes of God, my life was not right. My heart had an empty spot that only God could For the first time in my life I began to study the Bible. An older man started explaining it to me, and helped me to understand who Jesus is. This started a whole new process in my life. l experienced changes when I accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of my life. Shortly añer this I was baptized and started attending a small church of 12 to 15 members. A few months añer accepting the Lord I migrated to Baja California to work with children in the migrant camps. It was here where I met my wife. The Lord gave me a family, an opportunity to ñnish my college education as ajunìor high school teacher, and He opened the door for me to serve Him here at Capilla Calvario Compañeros in Maneadero, B.C.; a mission of Calvary Chapel High Desert.

This has been the best part of my life; where by His grace and mercy I have been given what I do not deserve. When I came here to serve at Capilla Calvario Compañeros, I thought I would be working as a teacher and serving in the church. But one day my sister in Christ, came to visit us and she told me that Pastor Brian had sent me some documents that I needed to out and turn in to the Bible Institute here in Ensenada. She said that all the costs had already been covered. It was this way that I was able to register at the Bible Institute, where I graduated from in May of 2010. This was a huge blessing for me. It brings me great joy to be able to serve the
Lord Jesus Christ by serving my people.

I thank my Lord for allowing me to serve Him in this beautiful work here at Capilla Calvario Compañeros