Heading Home

Headed home after 2 fruitful weeks in the Philippines. Many blessings and a praise report below but a sober reminder of the need for the gospel amongst the Badjao came to us as we were leaving Totolan and walked passed a family carrying the lifeless body of a child who passed. Pray for the work here and Tacloban!


What a wonderful way to see the blessing of 6 days hard work. Had the privilege of teaching the first Sunday and dedication service in the new Calvary Chapel of Totolan Bohol! What a testimony to the work of God! Afterward sharing a meal with the fellowship. Thanks Michael S Smith, Rigoberto Rocha and Reggie Tamoro Jr. for all the help. Good work!

We Did It!!

We did it! Together with our Filipino brothers we got the church of Calvary Chapel of Totolan Bohol to a finished enough to use state in 6 days! Thanks to Reggie Tamoro Jr. and Mary Jane for their assisting role! Pray for church service tomorrow, I am doing the dedication!

Rain Free Day

Friday was another rain free day allowing us to finish almost all the painting. Still working on the hole, roofing, back fill and upper walls. God is enabling and protecting in many ways!

Sun and Rain

So this morning it was clear and sunny, HOT and HUMID! I'm like where's the rain..after lunch, working in the rain again.

Working in the Rain

We worked in the rain today! Soaked, muddy, hot and tired.. but blessed to serve in the Philippines!

Be Praying!

Had the privilege of giving the message at CC Totolan Bohol this morning as about 30 people met for worship and the Word in the 12 × 12 space we prepared last year. The goal is to meet in the new building next week! Be praying! (P.S... They have had cases of Dengue Fever here recently.)

Good Start

After 7 1/2 hrs of land and sea travel we arrived at the 2nd Philippines church plant near Tagbilaran Bohol. They have the building off to a good start!

Home Visits

Home visits with lots of prayer needs, another relocation center visit and a Couples event this eve.

Started the day...

Started the day with a drug rehab group, was able to purchase a sound system for the church, went north to a relocation community to investigate possible church plant and finished by teaching a mid-week Bible Study. So good to see these people again!

8 1/2 hour layover!

What do you do with a 8 1/2 hr. layover? Go see the city! Later finally went on and arrived safe at Tacloban. Went and purchased a bunch of food for 15 families tonight.