Peace in the Midst of Protests (June 2016)

This has been a very interesting month as there has been such a political uproar in the last few weeks. The elections for the new president of Kenya do not start until next year, but already the opposition is starting to have violent protests. These protests are happening in hopes to get a new electoral commission since they are claiming there is corruption. However, if it were just a simple protest that would be okay, but instead these rallies have led to muggings, looting and burning of buses, causing the police to act out in deadly force. These protests are occurring every Monday, and thus making it impossible to go to town safely.


Trusting in God's Perfect Plan (May 2016)

As many of you who pray for us know, we were blessed with our baby girl, Madison, on April 20th at 6:40 am. Labor went fast, she was delivered very quickly and unfortunately had to go to the NICU for observation and oxygen due to some small fluid in lungs. This is our first child and it is amazing how quickly worry can come upon you as a parent, watching your little one and just
feeling helpless wishing you could change the situation.


My Valentine

This post is republished from a newsletter on Jaime's Blog. To see the original newsletter visit her blog Redhead In Africa.

My Love Story the Lord Wrote!
With this being February and the month of love, it is only fitting to share with you the blessing the Lord has brought into my life. I have always loved how God has the perfect timing and the perfect way to bring things together in our lives. The Lord again showed me His kindness and sovereignty as I have been blessed by a godly man, who will soon be my husband. Nahashon is a deacon at Calvary Chapel Nairobi and since 2012 we have been serving together on the worship team, mission outreaches, cleaning, etc. Over the last two years we have become great friends and have enjoyed serving alongside each other. In May 2014 Nahashon shared his heart with me about his feelings and his intentions. After prayer and receiving the blessings of my father and our pastor we began our

As I learn more about his heart for the things of the Lord and we spend time together I have such a peace about the future. Not because I believe that there will not continue to be spiritual warfare and trials in life, but because I see again God’s hand in my life. I see His guidance as He directs me and now has put in my life a man who is passionate about Him and who seeks to live out God’s Word.

For Nahashon and I, as we are from different cultures, we cling to Christ and His word for direction in our relationship. I had always prayed if I was to marry I wanted to marry a man who loved the Lord more than me or anything else, and God brought me that man in His perfect timing. Please pray that the Lord would be glorified in our relationship and marriage!!

Praising Him!

This post is republished from a newsletter on Jaime's Blog. To see the original newsletter visit her blog Redhead In Africa.

The Lord is so faithful to teach us who He is as we go through each step in our life. As we finished studying the book of 1 Samuel in Rabuna Fi it was convicting and encouraging reading and learning how David reacted when he came to Ziklag and saw the city burned and the families taken captive. There as his men wanted to stone him and he was distressed Davidstrengthened himself in the Lord. As I serve and just face the small trials or large ones of my everyday walk with Christ my first reaction should be to strengthen myself in God.

Circumstances will change and so will the people around us, but the Lord is constant and the same. His love never fails and never fades and He is still sovereign in all situations. So as we serve Him and follow His will, in the good and bad, we need to draw our hope and strength from Him because of who He is and not what we face.

It was a sweet reunion of friends as Stan and Sandi came back to visit and serve in Kenya for a week with their friends Merle and Marsha. In just a few days they were able to serve in so many ways and bring encouragement and minister to not just myself but others.

Marsha taught the Titus group and shared her testimony on how she came to the Lord and how He worked in her life. The girls were blessed and even shared what they could learn from her story. Many of these young girls do not have godly women or adults in their lives and it was such a sweet thing to see them sit and listen to Marsha and Sandi share. These girls will always remember them. These ladies were an example of Christ to these girls, just playing games and ministering to them with His love.

Stan shared simply the story of the Good Samaritan with the church on Sunday and it was such a great thing to watch. The whole church participated and got involved in the parable. God has truly been working in the hearts of those in the church and grown them in their understanding of His Word. The church body ministered to one another as they shared about the Samaritan and how to see God in the parable.

It was such a sweet time of fellowship with Stan and Sandi but also it was nice to see how God used them.