August 2014 Update

From Ibrahim:

“This was the LORD’s doing; It is marvelous in our eyes” Psalm 118:23


Indeed, God is good all the time. We (Calvary Chapel Baraka) are very happy to testify what God has done and is doing for us. The way that the church building is going up which makes us to be happiful and people outside the church are marveling.

Some testimonies outside the church:
- Imigration Officer: we saw many american missionaries came up to plant church here but we did not see such thing of building a strong and nice church like this. It seems that yours (missionaries) are saved, indeed. And you (Asukulu) are a good steward.
- Hon. AMBATOBE (the MP of Fizi district): these guys are a good example to follow for preaching the word and the way of reaching people is widely open.
- LA BEAUTE (the unsaved business one of Matata): building such building in Baraka gives me hope of getting saved. Many are given money but are cheating and mismanaging. Your God be glorified.
- Our choir: we are so happy into the Lord to get a nice like this. The day which we’ll be afront of people singing for the glory of God we hope the glory’s cloud of God will fill His house.
- Local chief village: the donors of this church might be blessed. It is awesome, excellent. Glory to God.
- Matata women small market sellers: we were considering CCB’s members like jokers but are serious. God has done a valued thing. We’ll follow you. Nice job. The coming up of your missionaries is not in vain. May God bless them.

In general, there is a good reputation in Baraka and its surrounding villages on our church building which indeed gives glory to God.

My recommendation: pray for us that many people come to the knowledge of Christ Jesus through CCB’s ministries. And may God open doors of blessings that we may come to the completion for His glory in Jesus’ name.

The whole sanctuary finished for wood-nailing. I estimated to pave on top of the front part of the church but the limitation of money did not allow that why we did wood. The nailing iron sheet for the toilet is only left which can take eight (8) iron sheets and 3Kgs of nails.
Be blessed of all men and women who are involved to give for the CCB’s church building.

Glory be to God, amen.


Asukulu Ibrahim Celestin