Kalonda II


Below, these are some pictures taken when I went to the Bambouti people to prepare the filed for God's harvest.

The place where I went is called KALONDA II, in Maniema province. According to the informations I gathered from themselves



1. They are people who do not have a specific homes for their nomadic lives, pursuing animals, because they are the hunters people.

2. They are so oppressed and discriminated for their living in bush far from others by other tribes, especially Bakalanga, Bahololo, Bangubangu, etc...

3. They are taken as tools for working on benefit of others without being paid.  And if they can be paid it will be an insufficient portion to survive to.

4. They are so drunkard and hemp smokers

5. They survive by eating bushing fruits and roots. Even at the moment I went there I found some of them are still living in bush. But, the provincial government commanded to gather them and encourage them to not live in bush as their custom and sometimes taking them by force so that they might come to live with others in community but they still dislike and be discouraged to live among those tribes which they do not take them in consideration as other human being. Even that, when they get some good Samaritans willing to help them, their local officer do take all without giving any supplies to them and this cause a strong discouragement and disbelief to the community surrounding them.


They believe in sorcery, witch-craftiness more than anything else. They never heard about Jesus. For this reason, they never attend in any church.


I did share the love of God to them through creation topic in Genesis, showing them how value they are before God's sight because they had been created in God's likeness and image as other people they do expect to be better than them. I did emphasized that they are God's creatures and God loves them so much, that why He sent His begotten Son so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but shall get the eternal life. I conclude by saying, in working for Christ, God the Father will honor the believer, that why wherever we got as believers we have the honor of God and we live in peace with one another. The result was 12 of them believed. Then, I introduced the coming up of the team, they did appreciate and say a big WELCOME to share the Word of God to them and surrounding people.


- Pray for their open hearts to receive the Word of God for their eternal lives in Jesus Christ,

- Free passage to reach them as you know there are much disturbances on the road to reach them,

- Pray for clothing, soap, salt and animal string trap


- Enabling them to live in a permanent location in community as other people through church planting.

- Training them to make bricks for building their houses

- Support their kids on education programme and women in small business loan.


May God enable us all to reach them for His majesty glory in Jesus name.