Month of May.
Youth Camp was held on 1st week of this month in Borongan, Eastern Samar and we are able to bring 18 youth over there. It was an awesome time for them as the theme of the camp "Love your Brother" and when they came back from the camp they are more involve than before in church  and ministry. We did  bible study/Proverbs for the youth  every other night.And a regular fellowship every Sunday at 3pm.
Please pray for them that thier desire to Love the Lord and for the people will continue to grow that they will be a good witnesses to the community.
For me please pray for the wisdom that I needed to guide  them as they grow in Lord.

Regular Sunday Worship At 9:30am most of the attendees are the youth  and some old widows.Some of the women's don't attend church on Sunday because they are busy on the  market.But we had every other week  Friday fellowship.
Please pray for them that they will give priority on Sunday worship rather than thier work.
For me please pray that God will give me the right approach that I may understand them more deeply and wisdom to deal and to give council.

Children are so awesome  that the  ministry for them is regular at Saturday 3:30pm. Marcon, Lucy, and Lani are the in charge now for children ministry and Stan as the one who play the guitar.
Please pray for Marcon,Lucy,Lani and Stan the wisdom to deal with the children and more patience.
For me please pray for wisdom to guide them how  to handle the children ministry.
Pray also that God will open  the doors  of provision for feeding ministry for the children every week.

I thank God for  He open the door of men's Bible study in Brgy. 68. We just meet two Sunday at 4:00pm. and this will become regular.
Please pray that  this men's will know the Lord in more personal way in thier life that they will Love the Lord all the days of thier life.
For me please pray for the wisdom that needed to handle them.

The church are praying for you Ptr. Brian and your team that are going to Congo.

Your brother in Lord.