Update from Pastor Emil in Tacloban

October 2016
Our brothers and sisters in the Lord from Calvary Chapel High Desert came over for mission trip. Headed by Pastor Brian Dupont, the team made some repairs and also initiated a clean up activity at the pastoral house in Anibong. We also visited the elementary school in the community and ministered to a bunch of kids there. The crusade and the film-showing held at the basketball court in Anibong concluded the team's stay in Tacloban. This led several people accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.
Pastor Emil did home visitation to the same people who bold declared their faith in Jesus during the crusade night. He asked them as to how he can be of help to make their faith grow. Some were okay with bible studies and others declined for some reason.

November 2016
A new discipleship material was rolled out for our weekly Discipleship Program. There are more or less 10 young people who consistently attend in this interactive youth gathering which aims to help them grow spiritually and for them to also share what they know about Jesus to others. We also have started encouraging them to get involved with our weekly prayer meeting held every Wednesday. It's good to have young prayer warriors at the church.

December 2016
It's the most wonderful time of the year! As we all know this is when Christian all over the world commemorate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The church held its Christmas Party with a lot of kids, a couple of young teens, and a 5-6 adults. Gifts were given to those who faithfully devote their time for the ministry. The kids had their share of candies and chocolates too. Everyone enjoyed the fun games. On the Christmas Day itself, we had a nice ice cream party for the kids. We also visited 12 families singing them a Christmas song and giving them some grocery items with a Bible and a tract. These are small things reminding everyone of God's greatest gift to mankind.Salvation.

Prayer Request
1.Please pray for Leslie and his wife that they may continue to have an open heart for the Gospel. we recently opened a home bible study at their house and they normally invite some friends to join us.
2.Please pray for comfort and provision for Hazel and their siblings who lost their father few days before Christmas. Haze, 11 years old, used to be very active at the church kids ministry but has stopped going since one of her siblings was not allowing her to attend. Recently, she has started going back to the church again after her father's death. she and her siblings are now orphan since they lost their mom 3 years ago.
3.Please pray for the church to continue to grow not just in number but also in spiritually.